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ABU DinoRawrz
Manufacturer ABUniverse
Country Of Origin USA
Status Available
Backing Plastic-Backed
Style Hybrid
Tab Type Hook and Loop
Tabs Total {{{Tapes}}}
Tabs Per Side 2
Absorbency 5500 ml

DinoRawrz is a Hybrid plastic-backed adult diaper with hook and loop tape created by ABUniverse.


This diaper comes in three sizes: 

Size Waist-Size
Medium 26-34 in
Large 35-41 in
Extra-Large 42-48 in


Announced April 26 2019 along with BunnyHopps as ABU’s first Hybrid diapers

V1 of this diaper is an error; this was first announced as a 1 tab per side diaper, however, during manufacture these got mixed up with BunnyHopps and the Tab configuration was switched up

About This Diaper[edit]

Hidden within the cold and forgotten shelves of the ABU idea vault resides an ancient crinkle so cute, so comfy, we were unable to let it remain extinct forever! Presenting ABU DinoRawrZ! Meet the ABU DinoRawrZ gang, Skyler, Ty, Rain, Misty, and Brock; five cuddly cute dino friends parading over our new Hook and Loop diaper featuring a unique landing zone for each character!

Our prehistoric find takes everyone back to a land before the worries of leaks, and a time before faulty sticky tapes to the land of DinoRawrZ, where practical play meets padded fun. With a pair of super strong hook and loop closures, these diapers were made to stay put, ensuring your adult diaper stays where it needs to be. Now everyone can enjoy an anciently cute crinkle!

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United Kingdom[edit]