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ABU PowerUps
POW Product Image 06.png
Manufacturer ABUniverse
Country Of Origin USA
Status Available
Style Booster Pad
Absorbency 900ml

PowerUps is a diaper booster pad created by ABUniverse.


This Booster measures 16.5” x 6”

About This Booster[edit]

Are daily diapers giving up to leak monsters too soon? Do sogg-goblins have your little ones feeling not so super? Are excessive visits from the changing troll having your little one fleeing for cover? Have no fear! ABU PowersUps are here to save the day and your diapers! Now you can supercharge any diaper’s absorbency abilities with ABU’s PowerUps diaper boosters! These ultra-thin and super-absorbent pads are an easy addition to any diaper that boosts nappie-stat absorbency for super staying power in long-lasting diaper fun.

Want even more super-powered endurance against meanie diaper monsters for extra-long padded adventures? Simply equip two PowerUps boosters to your diaper and get even more of the same awesome absorbing powers your diapers are needing and kiss those squishy meanies goodbye! At 1/8” thick, 900mL absorbency, and 1.5” swelling capacity, these diaper boosters pack a super punch and help fight leaks like a little hero but won’t bulk up when doubled. Every package of ABU PowerUps comes with 30 diaper boosters, making these heroically powered pads a handy go-to for quick and instant diaper upgrades! Order PowerUps boosters now and triumph over those meanie diaper monsters with longer-lasting endurance for any ABU diaper![1]

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United Kingdom[edit]