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Founded 2007
Website https://us.abuniverse.com/
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Facebook https://www.facebook.com/abuniverse/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ab_universe__/
Twitter https://twitter.com/ABUDiapers

ABUniverse is a diaper manufacturer founded in 2007 and acquired by Strom Holdings in 2015 to make a difference in the way adult babies, mommies, daddies, diaper lovers, and littles buy and choose their products. Simply, we want our commitment to customer support, shipping speed, and innovative ideas to shine and show everyone we truly care about our community! Anyone with a passion for the AB/DL lifestyle deserves to have simple, fast and easy access to the best products that could be made with today’s advanced techno-mumbo-jumbo-stuff without any worries as to shipping speed, privacy, customer service, or product quality. That’s where our ABUniverse pledge of honesty, transparency, and consistency comes in; because our goal is to be the number one premier example for the community market and set the standard when it comes to the “AB/DL Buying Experience.” They're an exclusive AB/DL diapers manufacturer which means that their products are exclusively focused for these communities and they aren't designed for medical problems as other adult diapers. They have a small team composed by the owners, some persons dedicated to the shipping and business things and also other ones for design things. As part of their policy and values there are:

  • The AB/DL communities come first.
  • Our shipping will be logical & discreet.
  • Our team is 100% AB/DL

They also explain that part of their vision is help others to understand that Adult babies are pretty common, emotionally healthy and also 100% safe [1].


Their line of products includes several types and styles of diapers with 4 and 2 tapes, apart of some mixed packages, T-shirts with community designs, diapersuits and also the possibility to add customized design for the diapers or ask for samples of them:

4 tape diapers[edit]

The 4 tape diapers collection includes:

2 tape diapers[edit]

Diaper Boosters[edit]

Sticker Store[edit]

  • Aito Sticker Store
  • Chu Sticker Store
  • Wen Sticker Store


  • Changing The World
  • ABU N’ Chill


  • ABUniverse White Diapersuits
  • ABUniverse Colored Diapersuits
  • ABUniverse Patterned Diapersuits

ABU Swag[edit]

  • ABU Mugs
  • “ABU On Board” Sign
  • PeekABU Hats


ABUniverse has 5 websites for your shopping convenience