DC Amor 2016

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DC Amor 2016
DC Amor.png
Manufacturer Diaper Connoisseur
Country Of Origin USA
Status Discontinued,

Inventory available

Backing Plastic-Backed
Style Tape On
Tab Type {{{Tab type}}}
Tabs Total 1 (On Small)

2 (on Medium and Large)

Tabs Per Side {{{Tabs PS}}}
Absorbency 5000 ml

Amor 2016 was a plastic-backed adult diaper made by Diaper Connoisseur.


This diaper came in three size: 

Size Waist-Size
Small 31-31 in
Medium 30-40 in
Large 38-48 in


The DC Amor had sold out of its second generation of diapers in late March 2016 and announcements were made for a third generation to be released in May 2016.

The third generation was released in May 2016 with a newly added small size as well as these changes[1]

  • Reinforced 40 mm 3M tabs.
  • Softer, higher quality and very durable 40 g outer PE plastic.
  • Less compression, providing a nice thick soft core.
  • Refinements to prints giving higher quality graphics and rich color.
  • Single tape per side on small size diapers. 

Where To Buy[edit]