Nappies R Us PlayDayz Blue

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Nappies R Us PlayDayz Blue
Playdayz boys group 001.jpg
Manufacturer Nappies R Us
Country Of Origin UK
Status Available
Backing Cloth-Backed
Style Tape On
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Tabs Total 2
Tabs Per Side {{{Tabs PS}}}
Absorbency 3500 ml

PlayDayz Blue is a cloth-backed adult diaper created by Nappies R Us.


This diaper comes in two size: 

Size Waist-Size
Medium 28-36 in
Large 36-48 in


Each pack contains 12 nappies with 4 vibrant designs! You can explore the Jurassic period with our friendly dino pals. Play around in the toy box with Bertie the bear, Lionel the lion and Ryan the robot! If flying is your thing you can soar across the skies in a hot air balloon! If you prefer the safety of the ground you can adventure through the bustling city.

This is a cloth-backed diaper, though there is a plastic-backed version as well.

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