Rearz Bamboo Night Boosters

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   <default>Rearz Bamboo Night Boosters</default>
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</image> <label>Manufacturer</label> <label>Country of Origin</label> <label>Status</label> <label>Style</label> <label>Absorbency</label> </infobox> Bamboo Night Boosters is a Cloth diaper booster created by Rearz Inc.


This Booster measures about 6" x 21"

About This Booster[edit]

Each bag contains 2 boosters

Made of five layers of 100% Grade A Bamboo Terry

These boosters can be used in any style of diaper.     

Machine wash in wash and dry in low to medium heat.

These are suitable for use with baby XL, youth and adult size diapers.

Where To Buy[edit]