Rearz Lil Squirts

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Rearz Lil Squirts
Lil Squirts.jpg
Manufacturer Rearz Inc.
Country Of Origin Canada
Status Discontinued,

Inventory available

Backing Plastic-Backed
Style Tape On
Tab Type {{{Tab type}}}
Tabs Total 1
Tabs Per Side {{{Tabs PS}}}
Absorbency 3800 ml

Lil' Squirts was a plastic-backed adult diaper created by Rearz Inc.


This diaper came in two size: 

Size Waist-Size
Medium (Size 9) 32-44 in
Large (Size 10) 40-55 in


Rearz first single tape diaper.

One large single tape on either side, makes for quick and easy changes. Same thick film and soft inner.

Was discontinued in 2017.

Features the adorable water pals.... Kevin the Octopus, Tommy the Frog, Finn the Dolphin, Andrew the Alligator, Stephanie the Seahorse and Melissa the Whale

Brought back for one FINAL limited run available in mid December 2018.

Where To Buy[edit]

This diaper was discontinued in 2017 and brought back for one final run in December 2018 and once there gone there gone.